Friday, May 6, 2011

To WASH, I must bid adieu. If the gods of Art allow me.

I had some fun with you.
You have taught me so much.
I wish that I could've given you more.
I am glad that I did have my wake up call when I did though.
You have taught me things that will impact my life in so many ways.
The best creations in the world are ones that are alive
You have taught me this. Thank you
Since you are alive, I hope that what I have done may please you enough to give me right
 to pass on through into other higher learnings at SHSU.
If not, then I understand, and will take on your great art boot camp once again.
All I ask is that you see how much I have grown, and have mercy on me, and allow me to pass through because you have seen that I have learned everything you have wanted to teach me.
For you have my destiny by the chomp- chomps, and I wish for you not to tear them off
Peace and love,
Steven Donovan TrickLarson Weckter

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